A Warm Oven Helps Your Bread Dough to Rise

Oven Rising Your No-Knead Bread Dough

I have been making a lot of no-knead bread this fall with great success. The only problem I have faced is getting my bread dough to rise in my cold house. It still rises but not near as fast as it would if my house was warmer. Yes, I’m to cheap to turn the heat up in my house to a good bread rising temperature. About 70 degrees or higher is good for rising bread dough. There are also times that I would have liked to give my bread dough a jump start on rising, especially on the second rise of my no-knead bread because I just can’t wait to bake it. The second rise for no-knead bread usually takes almost 2 hours but using the method discussed below you can lower that rising time to about 1 hour. The method I have found, to aid me in my rising needs, has been a slightly warm oven.

Using a Warm Oven to Help Your Bread Dough Rise

  1. Pre-heat your oven to about 150 degrees, or a little less.
  2. Turn your oven off (If you got the oven a little to hot, just leave the oven door open for a little while).
  3. Place oven safe container (for example: bread pan, non-plastic bowl) of bread dough in the oven and close oven door.
  4. Let the bread dough rise in oven to desired height.

Now you can keep your house thermostat turned down in the fall and winter and still get your bread dough to rise in good time. Plus, you can get your bread dough to rise faster when needed using the warm oven method. I don’t claim to have invented the warm oven method, I’m sure it has been used by many home bread bakers of the past and present.

Feel free to share other rising methods you use in the comments section below, I’m sure there are many other good methods used by other bread bakers. I would love to learn some new methods.

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